#17 Lessons from SRE’s Wild West Days (with Rick Boone)

Episode 17 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Rick Boone who is a pioneering engineer in the field of infrastructure and reliability engineering. Rick worked at Facebook in production engineering when it was still called AppOps. He is also well known as being Uber’s first SRE hire. He shares amazing stories from those pioneering days. Rick … Read More

#16 Journey to Cloud Infrastructure Leadership (with Sreejith Chelanchery)

Episode 16 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Sreejith Chelanchery who is SVP of Delivery and Infrastructure Engineering at Dotdash Meredith. Sreejith shares his journey from programming analyst in Bangalore, India, to now being an executive responsible for platform engineering, DevOps, and SRE at a media giant in New York City. He gives a glimpse into … Read More

#15 Growing Reliability Engineering Across 5+ Companies (with Nash Seshan)

Episode 15 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel talks with Nash Seshan, who has supported reliability work in over 5 organizations, including Cisco, eBay, Dropbox, Lyft, Netflix, and Wayfair. He shares his learnings from reliability work at these big brands. Nash also draws from his experience as co-founder of a Y Combinator-funded startup on effective engineering leadership. … Read More

#14 Faster Incident Resolution through Data-Driven Notebooks (with Ivan Merrill)

Episode 14 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Ivan Merill who is head of solutions engineering at Fiberplane. Ivan shares insights about making sense of the big data that comes from observability and incident response, to improve learning and drive faster incident resolution in the future. He also sheds light on the importance of fostering collaboration … Read More

#13 Making Sense of OpenTelemetry and Observability (with Adriana Villela)

Episode 13 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Adriana Villela who is a CNCF ambassador, OpenTelemetry contributor, and senior developer advocate at Lightstep. Adriana talks about her experiences discovering observability, life as a team leader, and the promise of OpenTelemetry. She sheds light on the importance of observability practices and the role of OpenTelemetry in standardizing … Read More

#12 From Incident Firefighting to Reliability First (with Robert Ross)

Episode 12 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Robert Ross who is the founder and CEO of Firehydrant, an incident management platform. Robert talks about his experiences as an SRE and making tools for making developers’ lives easier. He also shares his insights from offering incident management software to SREs and other software incident responders. Highlights … Read More

#11 Rising to Staff Engineer in DevOps and SRE (with Rajesh Reddy N)

Episode 11 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Rajesh Reddy N who is a senior DevOps architect at CoinDCX. Rajesh shares his thoughts on effective patterns in SRE, DevOps, and platform engineering. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the systems, prioritizing issues, and avoiding buzzword-driven decisions. Rajesh also highlights challenges like alert noise and treating all … Read More

#10 Using AI for Kubernetes troubleshooting self-service (with Kyle Forster)

Episode 10 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Kyle Forster of RunWhen about his perspective on AI and its usefulness in achieving reliability goals. RunWhen has developed a tool that uses visual cluster mapping and GenAI for troubleshooting Kubernetes problems. Its localhost version has hit over 1900 downloads in the 6 weeks since launch. Transcript Don’t want to … Read More

#9 Inside Booking.com’s Site Reliability Engineering Practice

Episode 9 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Samuele Tonon and Yoann Fouquet about their experiences in managing and growing the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) function at Booking.com. Booking.com is one of the world’s largest travel sites with a market capitalization of over $100 billion and over 1.5 million bookings per day. Here are key highlights … Read More

#8 Software Reliability Ninja Who is NOT An SRE (with Pablo Bouzada)

Episode 8 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Pablo Bouzada about his beliefs on software reliability as a non-SRE software engineering leader. They discuss the importance of leadership to drive effective reliability changes in the software system, as well as the challenges of providing reliable service within video streaming giant, ViaPlay. Read the Episode Transcript Don’t … Read More