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Do you know how to boil SRE culture down to its core essence?

Do you know how to communicate this critical key for SRE success to stakeholders?

Let me help you…

I studied 100s of posts and podcasts and talked with really, really experienced SREs to boil SRE culture down to this list of 7 SRE culture patterns:

  1. Deploy fast and often
  2. Eliminate toil
  3. Empower developers
  4. Embrace risk (with care)
  5. Have an experimenter’s mindset
  6. Understand the wider system
  7. Work to improve the future state

Take the 7-day SREpath email course to get a plain English perspective of SRE culture:

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Each email installment will come with a graphic adapted from a visual summary I made in early 2022. Here’s a sample:

SRE means working to improve the future state - engineers spend more time on proactive futureproofing work than reactive operations work

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