SREpath is developing several podcast concepts in 2023. Keep an ear out for them as we release new episodes.

SREpath Podcast

Our flagship podcast. In this show, Ash Patel and Sebastian Vietz delve into the inner workings of SRE and how it fits into the wider organization.

They use their own experiences and insights to tackle a range of topics including:

  • how to bring SRE into complex organizational settings
  • collaborate with other departments and
  • implement core areas such as observability, incident response, release engineering, and more.

Listen to the latest episode below:

Or visit the Spotify show page or Apple Podcasts page to listen to more episodes

Site Reliability Executive Audio Series

This limited series focuses on helping executives and digital transformation leaders better understand SRE culture.

Ash Patel explores the culture and practices of several well-known tech companies that have pioneered Site Reliability Engineering. Companies covered include Uber, Netflix, and LinkedIn.