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  • Cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure-as-code (IAC)

    You might have heard that Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) contributes to better cloud-native software architecture. But what is IaC, what are its benefits & trade-offs and how can it be improved? This guide aims to give clarity around IaC through: It can serve as a starting point for business-specific conversations with stakeholders. At some point, senior management…

  • SREs are risk managers, IAC hate and more! [Audio]

    Episode 1 [SRE Review Podcast] Listen to this episode now: In this maiden episode of SRE Review, I cover the following articles:

  • SRE’s role in safer infrastructure-as-code

    This article explores 2 simple ways for SREs to drive better practices and code hygiene within infrastructure-as-code (IAC) tooling like Terraform. Why bother? Because of its centrality to cloud infrastructure efficiency, it’s highly likely that you will get involved with an IAC problem at some point in your SRE career. I will mention Terraform from…