#14 Faster Incident Resolution through Data-Driven Notebooks (with Ivan Merrill)

Episode 14 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Ivan Merill who is head of solutions engineering at Fiberplane. Ivan shares insights about making sense of the big data that comes from observability and incident response, to improve learning and drive faster incident resolution in the future. He also sheds light on the importance of fostering collaboration … Read More

#12 From Incident Firefighting to Reliability First (with Robert Ross)

Episode 12 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Robert Ross who is the founder and CEO of Firehydrant, an incident management platform. Robert talks about his experiences as an SRE and making tools for making developers’ lives easier. He also shares his insights from offering incident management software to SREs and other software incident responders. Highlights … Read More