Work with me

A warm welcome to SREpath.

(previously known as Cruform)

My name is Ash, and I am the main force behind SREpath.

I’ll come right out and say that I can’t get enough of the concept of Site Reliability Engineering.

It’s a complex field with lots of opportunities to make high-impact, system-wide changes. Right up my alley.

And so, this website began as an idea on a napkin in 2017…

I hope you enjoy the content on offer here at

In the last 14 years, I have worked in two very distinct sectors:

  • as an operations leader (recently exited) in a healthcare org and
  • as a UX designer, operations manager and cloud administrator (not all at the same time!) in several tech startups

With this unique career experience, I am happy to help business and technical leaders start, improve and grow their SRE functions.

I write and actively advise on 2 areas of Site Reliability Engineering:

  • team development and 
  • best (or better) working practices for SRE capabilities 

I can assist your organization in the following ways:

  • consult on starting or progressing your SRE function (TeamBuilder)
  • write or speak on your behalf about a SRE/DevOps topic (DevRel)
  • at an absolute pinch, jump in to help implement observability tooling for AWS, K8s platforms (fractional L1 SRE)

I prefer to come in once you’re already a few steps into the natural progression of your SRE function. See the image below:

Please contact me at ash [at] skyhatch [dot] com detailing how you would like to work with me.

I look forward to learning about your challenges and helping you.