Starting SRE at startups and smaller organizations

Who should pay attention to this article ❌  SRE at a very small startup with few users rarely makes a difference until you’ve reached a fair userbase size or have growing pains ❌  Many organizations without a strong money/legal incentive e.g. SLAs tied to their operations, cannot justify diving into a complex field like SRE … Read More

#5 Where does SRE fit into your organization’s structure? [Audio]

Episode 5 [SREpath Podcast] Listen to this episode now: We discuss throughout this episode the different engagement models for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and how to contextualize SRE into an organization’s structure. Sebastian Vietz, an experienced SRE practitioner, suggests five different engagement models for SRE and emphasizes the importance of considering the cost associated with … Read More

Analysis of SRE and platform setup at 10+ tech companies

In this article, you will see a breakdown of the platform setup and SRE practices within 12 non-FAANG technology companies. This is based on the case studies by Andrios Robert. “There is a lot of content available on how Google did [Site Reliability Engineering]; let’s uncover what happens with the rest of the world.” — … Read More

Is platform engineering at risk of shiny object syndrome?

So much has been debated lately about the emergence of “Platform Engineering” as a solution to software operations problems. It’s an interesting proposition. However, it is not your silver bullet that will fix all things one felt didn’t work out with Dev versus Ops, DevOps, or SRE. We are missing something very important in our … Read More

Where in team topologies does Site Reliability Engineering fit in?

We will explore the workings of the Team Topologies model and how Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams can fit into it. In more detail, I will share with you the following: Let’s get started. Overview of team topologies Team topologies is a relatively new model/framework, having been officially introduced in 2019. It’s a response by … Read More

Building the case for starting a software reliability team

This article aims to help engineering leaders consider issues before starting a software reliability team. Since I am an advocate for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), we will now refer to such a team as the “SRE team”. Besides creating a new team, leaders face many responsibilities that are often invisible to individual contributors and their … Read More