#22 – How Google does SRE consulting (with Yury Niño Roa)

Episode 22 [SREpath Podcast]

Show notes

I did not know that Google itself does consulting around its SRE practices. This is not a sponsored episode LOL!

I wanted to talk with my SRE friend, Yury Niño Roa, about her drawings and SRE ideas, but we dove into a whole lot more than that.

We spoke about her work at Google’s PSO office, the antipatterns she’s seen, and a whole lot more. Listen in for an engaging conversation.

You can follow Yury and her amazing drawings via: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yurynino/

My reflections from this episode

I’ve been wanting to speak with Yury for a while because she shares amazing sketchnotes on chaos engineering, DevOps, and other topics related to SRE work.

Here’s a sample:

Doesn’t this sketchnote look amazing? 

It shares a complex topic in a simple way that more stakeholders (including engineers) can understand.

Well, my conversation with Yury took an interesting turn because I learned that she works at Google within its consulting office.

Did you know that Google offers consulting? Because I didn’t!

Yuri Nino Roa is a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Google, and despite not holding the title of SRE, she plays a pivotal role in Google’s Professional Services Organization (PSO) team.

We spoke about so many things like how Yury collaborates with clients, drawing from her experience as an SRE in the banking sector.

Our conversation touched on fascinating areas like:

➡️ Google’s consulting offerings covering 4 unique areas

➡️ Yury’s role at Google and her connection to SRE

➡️ Yury’s passion for SRE teams and policies and how she helps share related ideas through sketch notes

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➡️ How SREs and cloud infra people interact with various roles in organizations, including human resources, UX/UI, and financial teams

➡️ What enterprise is still doing wrong in its ongoing adoption of SRE

I’m sure Google’s consulting work comes with a hefty price tag, but you get to learn about it now without any obligation.

In Episode #22 of the SREpath podcast, Yury enlightens me about Google’s SRE consulting work [Spotify link]

I’m sure you will learn something about your own practices. If anything the interesting antipatterns that come up in enterprise SRE.