#34 From Cloud to Concrete: Should You Return to On-Prem?

Episode 34 [SREpath Podcast]

Show notes

This episode continues our coverage of Chapter 2 of the Site Reliability Engineering book (2016) by Betsy Beyer, Jennifer Pettof, Niall Murphy, et al.

Later in this second part, we talk about the age-old debate of cloud vs on-prem, which is analogous to that other debate we have in the technology of build vs buy.

Earlier on, we got a little technical and discussed thinking behind storage options and load-balancing strategies.

Here are key takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Adapt your storage solutions to business needs: Understand the diverse storage options available and tailor them to specific business needs, considering factors like data type, access patterns, and scalability requirements.
  2. Optimize your load balancing: Implement global load balancing strategies to optimize user experience and performance by directing traffic to the nearest data center to minimize latency, and maximize resource utilization.
  3. Don’t hesitate to continuously evaluate your cloud: Assess the suitability of cloud solutions against your organization’s needs, considering factors like cost, control, scalability, and security, and be open to reevaluating decisions based on evolving requirements.
  4. Make strategic decisions for your operations footprint: Lean on decisions based on thorough analysis that considers:
    • financial implications
    • internal capabilities
    • alignment with business goals and
    • long-term sustainability
  5. Encourage objective evaluation and formal planning processes in decision-making: avoid emotional reactions or being swayed by external influences, to ensure decisions are based on sound analysis and truly aligned with organizational goals.
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