Software Reliability Ninja Who is NOT An SRE (with Pablo Bouzada)

Episode 8 [SREpath Podcast] Ash Patel interviews Pablo Bouzada about his beliefs on software reliability as a non-SRE software engineering leader. They discuss the importance of leadership to drive effective reliability changes in the software system, as well as the challenges of providing reliable service within video streaming giant, ViaPlay. Listen to the episode now: … Read More

Cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure-as-code (IAC)

You might have heard that Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) contributes to better cloud-native software architecture. But what is IaC, what are its benefits & trade-offs and how can it be improved? This guide aims to give clarity around IaC through: It can serve as a starting point for business-specific conversations with stakeholders. At some point, senior management … Read More

Starting SRE at startups and smaller organizations

Who should pay attention to this article ❌  SRE at a very small startup with few users rarely makes a difference until you’ve reached a fair userbase size or have growing pains ❌  Many organizations without a strong money/legal incentive e.g. SLAs tied to their operations, cannot justify diving into a complex field like SRE … Read More

Spotify’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Culture and Practices [Audio]

Listen to this audio case study now: In this episode, we explore Spotify’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practice and how it transformed the company’s software operations. We’ll unravel the hypergrowth challenge that Spotify faced before it implemented SRE practices. We will also deep dive into how SRE has helped Spotify’s broader engineering work. You’ll get … Read More

How SRE reduces software operations costs

I wax lyrical about this almost every day to engineering managers, tech executives, and even SRE managers themselves that… Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an indispensable asset for organizations that are seeking to reduce operating costs. You might not have felt that cost reduction pressure in the last few years. But that pressure is now … Read More

Where does SRE fit into your organization’s structure? [Audio]

Episode 5 [SREpath Podcast] Listen to this episode now: We discuss throughout this episode the different engagement models for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and how to contextualize SRE into an organization’s structure. Sebastian Vietz, an experienced SRE practitioner, suggests five different engagement models for SRE and emphasizes the importance of considering the cost associated with … Read More