#3 SRE vs DevOps vs Platform Engineering [Audio]

Episode 3 [SREpath Podcast]

In this episode of SREpath, Ash and Sebastian discuss the unnecessary debate surrounding Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps, and platform engineering.

They argue that these disciplines should not be pitted against each other, but rather seen as complementary and able to coexist within an organization.

The focus should be on continuous improvement, learning from failures, and making things better. The hosts emphasize that practitioners in all three areas share the common goal of improvement and should collaborate rather than compete.

They briefly distinguish SRE as focusing on system reliability and scalability, DevOps on collaboration and automation, and platform engineering on building and maintaining infrastructure.

The decision to establish dedicated teams for each discipline depends on the organization’s scale and needs.

The hosts encourage a context-driven approach, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets can contribute to the SRE field.

Ultimately, the key is to prioritize improvement and learning, regardless of labels or titles.

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