Google’s Site Reliability Engineering hierarchy (Remixed)

This post contains an original SREpath visual summary. This visual simplifies Google’s highly academic “SRE hierarchy” as an easy-to-explain journey map format. Here’s a sneak peek at the visual summary: Before we continue, let’s cover some background information… You most likely know that Google is the company that originated the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) phenomenon … Read more

Evolution of cloud infrastructure teams

Cloud infrastructure teams in detail The image above is an original SREpath summary of Will Larson’s “trunk and branch model”. It outlines the evolution of team/s focused on cloud infrastructure provisioning and management. While the original piece is very erudite, I thought I’d put my spin on the concept to support your understanding of this … Read more

Cloud infrastructure success factors

Image explained in more detail Long-term cloud infrastructure success depends on high Service Quality and a reasonable Investment Budget Service Quality can get torpedoed by morale busters like non-stop grunt work, not enough engineers etc. The budget can get torpedoed by continuously high cloud costs and an excess of branch teams working on problems that … Read more